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Who are you all, anyway?

We're three sisters from Northern Kentucky. Together we have a few decades of graphic design experience between us. Learn more about us.

I usually buy my party invites in packs at a card store. What's the advantage to getting custom designed invites from Blustery Day Design, when they cost more than my current card packs?

There are several, in fact! First, you are getting a much more custom, personal design, that isn’t mass produced and used by thousands of people like the card packs - so your party invite will stand out to your guests. Secondly, when you get a custom design created for your event, not only will the design itself match your vision, but the correct words for your event will be printed on the final cards. This means no more handwriting in the who/what/where/when on each individual invite. The time (and wrist pain!) savings of this benefit alone make it more than worth it! Lastly, with custom designed party invites, you’ll have a visual design for your shin-dig in hand, that can help you focus the rest of your party look, including colors for decorations and table elements. (We can even help you with those items as well, with anything from table name cards to party favor tags!)

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