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I already have a business logo for my business that I use, but I don't particularly love it — is it too late to have a new one designed?

It's never too late! Blustery Day Design can help you rebrand your business whether you've already been in business 10 months or 10 years. A new logo could be an updated, improved version of your existing logo, or you can always take things in a new and better direction! Don't settle for something that's not exactly "you" on something as important as the way you represent yourself in the marketplace and to your customer. View our Logos page for more about what Blustery Day Design could provide for you.

I sell crafty products on Etsy or at craft shows. What can you do to help my business?

In short – a lot! Start by thinking of yourself as a brand to promote, rather than just an individual selling things. Even as a creative person yourself, you can probably be aided by some custom graphic design to develop the look of your “brand”. Etsy sellers can present a coherent and positive image of themselves on Etsy by having a consistent visual look to their banner image & profile picture in their online shop. All artists are benefited by continuing their personal theme through their packaging and shipping materials. Blustery Day Design can help you with all of this! From product bag inserts, to hang tags with your logo and shop address, to business cards to include with orders - getting your name out there, and in a way that represents you as an artist, is key to attracting new business and retaining current customers. Everyone wants a pretty package – let us help you make your company and product really stand out in its presentation!

I'm thinking about starting my own business soon, and I'd like to have a new logo developed. What are some things to think about or do, as a first step?

Thinking ahead about the image you hope to have is a great start. Read How to: Plan your new logo on our blog for some tips.


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