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A good logo can do wonders to establish credibility for your organization or group.

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From the Nike Swoosh to the Dave Matthews Band Firedancer, recognizable marks get noticed.

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We have years of experience creating logos and corporate identities that truly capture the essence of what an organization represents. At Blustery Day Design, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of putting a good face forward! In a visual society like ours is, a good logo can give your business, non-profit or group an extra edge.


Many bands, solo musicians and fine artists overlook the need for a visual identity. But having a consistent logo across business cards, packaging, and promotional materials helps your fans pick you and your work out of the crowd. Logos are also great for t-shirts, stickers, buttons and all kinds of merch!

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“This logo is amazing. It connotes everything I was looking for: warmth, security, a sense of community... I couldn't be happier! Thanks again! You have exceeded my expectations!”

Lauren Morris, Retirement Plan Advisors, Montgomery, OH

Retirement Plan Advisors

“Love this design! Perfect! Bulls eye! Right on!"

Mark Trela, Runes from the Dunes,
Terre Haute, IN

Runes from the Dunes

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