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From album art to fundraising materials, we can help you end up with products you're proud to share with your fans & supporters.

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We're big fans of creative people. In fact, we like to surround ourselves with as many creative people as possible! At Blustery Day Design, we're artists, musicians and community thinkers, too, so we recognize how important it is to promote creative endeavors.

Sing Till You DieAlbum art & book covers

Releasing an album? Self-publishing your most recent novel? Blustery Day Design can help you make something that people will want to pick and up listen to, watch or read. We can also create matching promotional posters to make sure everyone knows about your release.

Terre Foods tote bagTote bags, t-shirts, calendars...

Great for selling at shows or giving away during contests, high-quality, well-designed merchandise can raise funds and help support your projects. Blustery Day Design can help you get there.

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“[The album (Sudden Amaryllis)] has the look and feel of a top-shelf, retail offering.”

Mark Bennett, Terre Haute Tribune-Star

Tribune Star

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