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Brand extensions: the what & the why

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Brand extensions for the web are all about taking the look & feel of your existing brand and making it work online.

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CSJ Carondelet website

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For this organization in transition, we built a website with clarity and engaging visuals. It beautifully uplifts the congregation and its vibrant facets.

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Words that welcome: 11 guides to using inclusive language

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Do your words welcome or do they cause harm? These resources will help you include all, regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality, or circumstance.

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How do you measure a year?

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A whole year can really fly by! Time keeps passing and it’s easy to forget all the details, successes, and themes…

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What we’re reading: Our 2021 book recommendations

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This year, between the two of us, we read some great non-fiction (“work”-related and non) that we thought we’d share with you.

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Write for a 5th-grader: Crafting simple, clear & readable content

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To make your website content friendly and understandable, focus on the basics — and make friends with some great readability tools.

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Don’t get caught without a website backup

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Few things are scarier than when something goes awry on your website. Avoid the stress with regular, automatic website backups.

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4 tips to make links more accessible

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Finesse and optimize your hyperlinks to keep your website visitors from feeling lost and confused. Clear, appealing links help everyone.

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“Rethinking Analytics: Responsibly & Ethically Gathering Useful Data”

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Download slides from “Rethinking Analytics” – PDF (6.5mb) Alternative analytics methods and mindsets Analytics tools that don’t use cookies Plausible…

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“Bringing mission, justice & stewardship to your website”

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Download slides for “Bringing Mission, Justice & Stewardship to Your Website” – PDF (6.6mb) Workshop handouts Download “Post Checklist” PDF…

Adorers brand extension

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As part of our comprehensive website project with this community of Sisters, we expanded their brand with fresh, usable colors & typefaces.

Save paper & keep visitors happy with print-friendly websites

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Setting your website up to print nicely helps reduce ecological waste, save your visitors money, and give people a positive take-away from your site.