“Bringing mission, justice & stewardship to your website”

Links & resources from our workshop presentation at Communicators for Women Religious Conference, October 2021

Written on October 6, 2021 by Christina Blust

Bringing Mission, Justice, & Stewardship to Your Website

Workshop handouts

Content strategy


  • Asana: project management tool for planning ahead, keeping track of maintenance, etc.


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“The core strategy sets the long-term direction for all your content-related initiatives—ensuring all activities, big or small, are working towar the same magnificent future.”

Content Strategy for the Web, Second Edition, by Kristina Halvorson & Melissa Rach

Site architecture

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“The important thing is to recognize that organizational frameworks exist—that organization is never arbitrary. More to my point: it can’t be arbitrary, because every decision we make—or fail to make—changes the way the information is perceived. To create organizational structures that are the most effective for our users, we have to start with the meaning of the information—the content itself. And the only way to do that is to get up close and personal with what it is we need to organize.”

– Lisa Marie Marquis, Everyday Information Architecture

Technical foundations

Guides & resources


Note that “Accessibility” is often shortened to “A11y,” where “11” replaces the eleven letters in the middle of the word. (Yes, this is an ironically obtuse abbreviation!) You’ll often see a11y and #a11y out and about — this refers to the concept of accessibility.


Readability tools

  • Hemingway Editor: online reading level tool
  • Readable: free readability test tool
  • Yoast SEO: popular SEO plugin for WordPress that includes readability tools and checks for grade level, transition words, passive/active voice, and more. There’s a paid version, but the free version is enough for most folks.
  • The Up-Goer Five Text Editor: fun tool challenging you to write using only the 1,000 most-used words in English

Guides & resources

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“Right now, I’m trying to focus on this one question: What’s the one thing I wish I understood better about accessibility? The only way this work gets done is if we start small, and if we work together. … Basically, aim to do one thing this week to broaden your understanding of how people use the web, and adapt your design or development practice to incorporate what you’ve learned. And then next week, do another thing.“

– Ethan Marcotte

Inclusive design & content

In addition to all of the attributes making a site accessible for everyone, making a website inclusive means being conscious of all the many diversities of humanity.


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“We have the capacity to make a website not just bare-minimum usable, but inclusive too—giving all readers the same confident, enjoyable experience, regardless of ability. … We have the means—the obligation, even—to give all readers the respect they deserve.”

– Geri Coady, Color Accessibility Workflows

Privacy & respect for data

Also see our talk recap for “Rethinking Analytics,” which has a lot of privacy info!


  • QuickForget.com: tool to help you share passwords or other sensitive information securely in a way that expires after a certain number of hours or views
  • DinoPass: fun tool to help you generate strong & secure, but easy to remember, passwords. It says it’s for kids…but we find it works really well for elderly (and not elderly) sisters, too!
  • Plausible Analytics: usable on any site or content management system, has small monthly charge
  • Simple Analytics: usable on any site or content management system, has small monthly charge
  • Koko Analytics: free plugin for WordPress sites
  • Jetpack: Comprehensive WordPress plugin that includes statistics. (There are paid plans, but the free plan is all you’d need to get stats.)
  • Scriptless Social Sharing: WordPress plugin enabling share icons (to Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that do not embed third-party trackers on your site
  • Termageddon: Privacy policy tool & service that keeps up to date with new laws and regulations

Resources & guides

“Third-party connections are one of the main reasons for slow sites. By reducing the number of tracking scripts, your site will be more ethical and human-friendly.”

– Marko Saric

Ecological considerations


“If you focus on just one thing when designing websites for sustainability, using images more efficiently has significant payoff.”

– Tom Greenwood, Sustainable Web Design

Guides & resources

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“When I get overwhelmed with the bigness and sadness and sheer stupidity and waste and meanness of the connected crises we are experiencing I take that as a signal that it’s time to try to find something small and tangible to do that fits with the future I want to live into.”

Dr. Elizabeth Sawin (@bethsawin) on Twitter. (If you’re a Twitter person, she’s a great follow for real talk that doesn’t descend into hopelessness.)

Maintenance & resilience

  • Asana: project management tool for planning ahead, keeping track of maintenance, etc.
  • Redirection: WordPress plugin (free) that enables you to set up redirects for content you delete, making sure you don’t leave a lot of dead links behind when you prune and reorganize your site.

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“Our ability to create stuff using digital tools far outstrips our ability (or willingness) to organize and manage what we have created. Dealing with the consequences of easy production and poor content management is a growing challenge.”

Gerry McGovern (@gerrymcgovern) on Twitter. (If you’re a Twitter person and want regular reminders of what you do better for sustainability, follow Gerry. Sometimes uncomfortable truths, but always thought-provoking.)

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