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How do you measure a year?

By Jessica Yaeger

A whole year can really fly by! Time keeps passing and it’s easy to forget all the details, successes, and themes…

Save paper & keep visitors happy with print-friendly websites

By Christina Blust

Setting your website up to print nicely helps reduce ecological waste, save your visitors money, and give people a positive take-away from your site.

Semantics matter: Choosing the right blocks for your content

By Christina Blust

Paragraphs, headings, and lists, oh my! When creating new posts and pages, it’s important to choose the right tool for the job.

Websites, hosting and domains: a simple (illustrated) guide

By Jessica Yaeger

Here’s a “tiny house” story time to explain these three foundational pieces of a website.

Create a home base for all of your work with a website

By Jessica Yaeger

How Susan Snodgrass’s website serves as a central hub for her work, consolidating many writings published in various places.

Make an impression and be remembered with business cards

By Christina Blust

How Nashville musician Jimmy Rinehart makes connections with people in the industry, gets people to his website, and proves he’s worth remembering.

Album Art wording: a checklist for musicians

By Christina Blust

You’ve got your tracks recorded, song order finalized, & title chosen — now get all of your copy together. Here’s a handy checklist of what you need.

Keep it together! “Asset management” for creators

By Christina Blust

Musician, writer, maker, or artist? Here’s how to organize & store all of your digital files, images, bits of copy, and links (so you can find them when you need them).

File formats: What to do with all your logo files

By Christina Blust

If you’ve got a bunch of brand identity files and don’t know what’s what, this handy reference can help. From vector to raster, EPS to JPEG, we’ve got you.

Don’t be humble! Use testimonials as social proof

By Christina Blust

People make decisions based on what other people are saying. Collecting and sharing great testimonials lets others do all the bragging about you.

Get that picture in the Wiki-verse

By Christina Blust

Have you taken a photo that would be great for Wikipedia? Here’s how to give it to the Internet.

Color theory for crafts: Contrast

By Jessica Yaeger

Color theory is for crafts, too! The right color choice in the background can make the top pop.