Business Identity Creation – Design Considerations

Business Identity Creation – Design Considerations

Let’s get going on your new logo & branding.

Congratulations on starting your new endeavor, and beginning to think about a logo to represent your company/blog/group/work/cause! (Hereafter referred to as “business” just to keep it simple.) Or perhaps you have been established for a while and are revamping your current visual identity. In any case, it’s an exciting process, and we give you kudos for realizing how important it is to represent yourself with branding that truly reflects your unique offering to those you hope to reach.

This form is used to collect initial information on your business, in order to assist Blustery Day Design on understanding who you are, and what you do. Once we know more about your business and field of work, we can work towards creating the visual identity that fits you best!

Please fill out the questions below as completely as possible – not every small business starting out knows all these points right away, and all questions might not apply to you, but providing as much information as you can leads to a smoother process and better final result.

If you have any questions, just let us know!