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Our gift to you

Dear fellow humans,

We’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live sincerely in trying times. The times when things don’t go as planned, when fear and worry threaten to overwhelm us, when we really don’t want our lives to have to change but have no choice: the only way through is through.

In 2012 we were companioning our sister Vanessa on her journey through terminal metastatic breast cancer. We wrote the Live Sincerely Pledge at that time, as a blueprint for getting through what was happening then and the scary unknown of what was yet to come.

To us, the Live Sincerely Pledge is a declaration of intention. When we know that nothing will be the same again, it grounds us and helps us focus on how to keep going. It allows us to re-calibrate to a place of capability and possibility so we can fill the roles we need to fill for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

We find ourselves returning to the pledge in moments of fear and joy, grief and peace. Different lines speak to us at different times. Sometimes the words comfort us; other times they challenge us.

The pledge has been on our mind in fresh ways as new hardships affect our local and global communities. We know that there are many uncertainties around what the future holds and how long things may be in flux. We’ll be honest: it’s hard to know how to help sometimes! We asked ourselves: how can our business react to these hardships? What can we, specifically, do? What do we have to give?

So we’re starting by returning, yet again, to the pledge. We’ve created some files as a gift for all of you. On this page there are two free printable files, one of the full pledge and one with individual designed pages of its statements. We also made colorful graphics featuring the individual pledge statements, some as squares ready to share on social media, and some perfectly sized for your phone wallpaper or Instagram story.

These words have taken on a life of their own since we first wrote them. We have been humbled by the way they seem to resonate with others, too. Since 2012, nearly three thousand people from around the world have signed the pledge, and thousands more have read Vanessa's story or been influenced by the Live Sincerely Project.

We hope the words and downloads below can help you in some way, whatever the future holds. We are all in this together.


Jessica & Christina


These PDFs present the words of the pledge in a printable format.

We invite you to hang up the parts that speak to you right now, or spend some time coloring and doodling on these pages as a calming, affirming activity. (No need to be an artist; even tracing the letters with a highlighter can be cathartic.)

We offer you these printables at no cost; you are welcome to print them as many times as you wish for your own non-commercial use.

Printable one-pager

The Live Sincerely Pledge in its entirety, designed on a single page and ready for you to print.

Printable statements

Each phrase of the Live Sincerely Pledge is illustrated on its own page and ready for you to print.


We made a set of the 12 statements of the pledge on colorful backgrounds, and then we sized them for social sharing.

Share with your networks, or set one as the lock screen on your phone to help you stay grounded.

We offer you these graphics at no cost; you are welcome to share them on your social media or use them for your own non-commercial use.

Social share graphics

All 12 of the individual phrases of the pledge (see below), sized as squares for easy social sharing.

Phone wallpapers

All 12 of the individual phrases, sized to work as wallpaper for your smart phone.

The Live Sincerely Pledge

Note: If you want to republish all or part of the pledge anywhere else, please be sure to credit "Jessica Yaeger & Christina Blust | The Live Sincerely Project" and provide a link to our website. Thanks!

Live Sincerely Pledge Card 5x7 front

No printer? Prefer a pre-colored version?

We know not everyone has easy access to a printer. And some folks have been interested in a small “live sincerely” reminder that can live on their backpack or fridge. If this is you, we have a selection of inexpensive Live Sincerely pins, magnets and prints that we would love to send you.

See Live Sincerely items in the shop here.

We sell our Live Sincerely items at cost, in the spirit of community and sharing with anyone interested. If you are unable to afford the cost listed in the shop, please contact us and we'll make sure you get some things. ❤️