Make an impression and be remembered with business cards

How Nashville musician Jimmy Rinehart makes connections, reaches out, and proves he's worth remembering.

Written on January 18, 2020 by Christina Blust

Jimmy is a guitarist & music instructor in a crowded music town. He initially came to us for an identity and website project. We built a great site for him that fits both his aesthetic and his needs as a working musician. With an easy-to-update event calendar and a place to showcase his work, Jimmy’s website helps him establish his professional credentials and get gigs.

The opportunity:
Make lasting connections

Jimmy meets venue owners, fans, and other musicians all the time. Each new person is an opportunity to make a lasting connection and be remembered later. In the past, connecting with people in lasting ways was hard. Everyone found themselves scrambling for a pen and paper, or hoping the other person would just remember their name. We had a real opportunity to remove some of the barriers here, giving Jimmy both the tools and the confidence to strike up more conversations.

The tool:
High-quality business cards

We wanted Jimmy to have something tangible to give to people “in real life” that would direct them to his website. Even basic business cards would have been useful, but we built Jimmy cards that would set him apart from the rest. The cards match his visual identity and give the user a feel for who Jimmy is. Printed on crisp, matte cardstock, they make a great impression. And we gave him room to write in a phone number or email address if appropriate. Now Jimmy can represent himself well, and he’s also made it easy for his new connections to learn more and get in touch.

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