Choices: The Holocaust Through Eva's Story

We completely overhauled the exhibit space of a non-profit museum founded by a Holocaust survivor of the twin experiments at Auschwitz.

Terre Haute, IN

What we delivered

Exhibition design

What CANDLES needed

CANDLES was interested in complete refresh of their primary exhibit space, with an exhibit that told the story of the museum’s founder, Holocaust survivor Eva Kor, in a comprehensive way that also demonstrated the theme of “choices” made by many (and the impact that had on so many, in this tragic chapter of history).

The patrons of the museum include school children through older adults, so the information needs to be conveyed in a accessible way that accommodates a wide range of ages, heights and education levels.

CANDLES wished to have the exhibit use both the blue from their logo as well as other vibrant colors, to convey the hope of Eva even after the struggles she faced.

Lastly, the exhibit will remain installed as the permanent exhibit of the museum, so the design needs to account for installation longevity, but the museum also requires the flexibility to swap out some pieces of information as needed, to keep the exhibit current and fresh.

Our solutions

We were honored to design this exhibit space, to help tell such an important and moving message.

Our complete exhibit design incorporated layered panels to present a lot of information in a dynamic way. Finished pieces were in a range of formats to take advantage of the available space, including foam core boards, photographic prints displayed in frames, and large scale vinyl pieces installed directly on the wall surface.

CANDLES had the clever idea to commission low walls on casters in the space, and our design took into account these walls folding up into the permanent walls, to provide the museum the ability to roll back the movable walls and use the space as a meeting room in off hours.

We chose the exhibit’s typeface and font styles to be extremely readable from a range of distances. Our designs included text of varying size, to highlight important facts on a first glance, as well as present the full copy in a way that invited further reading and consideration. The color palette we put together included a wide range of colors, as CANDLES requested, which we selected carefully with respect to different themes throughout the content as well as the overall flow walking through the exhibit.

The final installed exhibit gives the museum a professional way to present Eva’s story, and continue their outreach and educational goals.

“Every day we make choices.”
CANDLES Exhibit - The Rise of Nazism

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