Jimmy Rinehart Identity & Website

A classic look and a hard-working site for a working musician.

Nashville, TN

What we delivered

Identity & business cards
Content strategy

What Jimmy needed

Jimmy is a guitarist & instructor. He needed a home on the web for his various musical projects and a consistent look for his promotional pieces. Jimmy needed a professional website, an easy-to-update show calendar, and a showcase for his work. He also needed it to integrate well with his other online presences, like his Instagram and his Bandcamp.

Our solutions

First we worked with Jimmy to create an awesome identity based on his loves and influences: the colors of classic Fender and Epiphone guitars, the feel and typography of old Chet Atkins vinyl records, and a clean, polished style that feels both vintage and fresh.

Then we helped Jimmy organize his content and show off his work on a website that instantly gives fans, colleagues, and venues a feel for who he is. We suggested and created business cards that Jimmy can hand out with pride, knowing that his website will represent him well.

Jimmy’s new identity feels like old guitars and well-loved vinyl records. It is instantly usable in a wide variety of places, from web to print.
Jimmy’s website looks great on all devices, so booking agents on office desktops and fans on the way to a show are equally happy.
The business cards are memorable and super-usable, so Jimmy can be proud every time he hands one out. They also feature a nice space for Jimmy to write in an email address or phone number if the circumstance calls for it.