Journals & Letters Book Cover

An ebook cover that catches your eye

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana

What we delivered

E-book cover

What the Sisters of Providence needed

Journals & Letters is the collected writings of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, the foundress of the Sisters of Providence. It’s a huge hit with the sisters and their broader community and is very important to them. For the occasion of its first release as an e-book, the Sisters needed an eye-catching cover.

Our solution

As designer for the Sisters of Providence at the time, Christina used the actual daguerreotype image from the 1850s of Saint Mother Theodore herself. She paired this with blue stripes to call back to the iconic print version that the book’s fans had been used to for decades. The result is engaging and respects its subject, and it is instantly legible in small use cases such as the Kindle store.

The new ebook cover pays homage to the decades-old, much-loved print version.