Loretto Community identity

Natural, inviting, and energetic.

Nerinx, Kentucky (and throughout the world)

What we delivered

Logo & identity system

What the Loretto Community needed

The Loretto Community is the Sisters of Loretto and Loretto Co-members. They came to us in need of change. Their current visual look was inconsistent, dated, and hard to use.

What we provided

The new handwritten logotype updates the previous branding elements to be natural, inviting and energetic. The identity balances sophistication and friendliness to reflect the active, diverse Community. 

For the logotype itself (“Loretto Community” words), we intentionally created an organic, non-rigid, oval shape with no right angles or harsh corners. “Hand-cut felt” bounding shapes can be flexible, allowing for a variety of tactile and friendly variations.

The vibrant color palette is inspired by the spirit of Loretto’s people and places! We pulled hues directly from the Community’s banners and their Motherhouse grounds. Then we carefully chose colors that could integrate the “Loretto Green” of the past into a fresh, expanded palette. The result is super usable for both digital and print pieces. 

In use

The identity, color palette, and hand-cut felt edges transferred perfectly to the comprehensive website we built for them. And possibilities for print pieces, digital newsletters, and other physical applications are endless!