New Lights from Old Truths

Bringing the past to life in an engaging book cover


Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana

What we delivered

Book cover design

What Sister Maureen needed

Sister Maureen Abbott spent years researching and writing the latest volume of her congregation’s history. Though the book’s content was historical, she wanted a book cover that felt inviting instead of stale. There was also a challenge present in the necessarily long book title that had several subtitles and many words.

Our solutions

As designer for the Sisters of Providence at the time, Christina brought her own love of reading to the project. She selected particular historical photos with personality, and combined them with fresh and vivid design elements. The result is a modern book cover that displays the copious text in a readable, understandable way. It appeals to the hardcore history lovers as well as the casual non-fiction readers intrigued by the stories within.

The front cover gives clear hierarchy to the long book title and information, and the back cover brings more engaging photos and a well-designed quotation reference.
The final printed piece is bright and inviting in its place at the Sisters of Providence gift shop for sale, and the spine would catch the eye of any discerning library patron.