Quantum Music Production Identity

Straight from science.


Quantum Music Production

What we delivered

Business cards

Don’s idea

Don Arney, owner of Quantum Music Production, wanted a logo that really communicated the business name’s science-y background. He had a particular affection for physicist Richard Feynman’s way of showing photon activity, called a Feynman Diagram. Don wanted something that took him away from amateur-looking and more accurately reflected his skill and place in the music production industry.

Our solution

We read up on science and landed on a mark that utilizes Feynman’s diagram style in a fresh, eye-catching way. With the right typeface choice, our logo design really solidified. We then utilized the professional new logo in a straight-forward, visually cohesive business card design that Don can feel proud of.

Identity design

Square logo
Horizontal logo version

Business cards