Rasley Family Band Stickers

Fun and friendly merch


The Rasley Family Band

Terre Haute, Indiana

What we delivered

Vinyl Stickers

The Rasley Family Band’s request

Rachel wanted some stickers for their band. Their music is fun and engaging, and she wanted the merch to reflect that. She provided us with some pictures of the group, and she knew she wanted the band name on them — “I was thinking something cursive-y or loopy, but not too fancy or illegible.”

Our solution

We pulled together three sticker designs that went well together but gave the fans a choice of photo when they bought the merch. Fans love choices! The fun type treatment meets Rachel’s requirements and adds a bit of quirkiness to the stickers, too. The final stickers look professional and are high-quality vinyl for sticking power.

“AAAUUUGGGHHH! That’s perfect!!”

Rachel Rasley
Rasley Family Band Sticker Designs

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