Return to Auschwitz

With little to work with in the way of art, we got creative on this DVD packaging project.

What we delivered

DVD art

The challenge CANDLES faced

CANDLES was producing a DVD of footage from a trip their founder, Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes-Kor, took to Auschwitz. They wanted to present this in a professional way that someone would feel worth paying for. The footage itself was solemn and inspirational, but there were no supplementary photographs or imagery other than the film.

Our solutions

After screening the film, we decided to use screenshots from the footage as our photographic imagery. We found the best clips and created screen grab images of them. Because the screenshots were not able to be used very large on the art, we got creative and used a collection of them on the cover. The final DVD art is classy, professional, and ready to be made available to the museum’s many visitors.

DVD cover and disc of Return to Auschwitz.
Full front cover, back cover, and spine of the DVD art.

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