The Wabash Volume II

Terre Haute, Indiana

What we delivered

Album art

What Art Spaces needed

Wabash Valley Art Spaces is an arts non-profit that commissions and places statues in public places. To raise money for this public art, they made a series of compilation albums asking local artists to provide songs (original or cover) about the local Wabash River. They wanted album art with plenty of room to fit information about the project and all the song and musician info. There were open-minded about look and feel, as long as the spirit of the Wabash River and local music shone through.

Our solutions

Starting with a photo we took of the Wabash River on a foggy day, we gathered relevant photos from the organization and from our collection. We color graded these images in a unique, evocative way to create a cohesive, modern set. Using the color palette throughout, we organized all of the copy into clear sections and distributed them throughout the six-panel eco-wallet. The final piece is colorful, informative, and a great fundraising piece.