WordCamp US 2017 Day-of Materials

We expanded the brand identity we'd created to make a welcoming, bright atmosphere for attendees


WordCamp US

What we delivered

Badge design
Event signage

What WordCamp US needed

WordCamp is the official organization that helps members of the WordPress community host low-cost conferences across the world, hoping to democratize publishing and give back to people of all backgrounds who work with WordPress. Their primary national/regional conference for North and South America is WordCamp U.S.

The 2017 conference was held at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. They needed clear wayfinding signage to welcome and direct attendees. They also needed personalized conference badges for all attendees, speakers, volunteers and sponsors.

Our solutions

Building on our previous logo/identity work for WordCamp US, we extended the branding to signage. Instead of doing cookie cutter, plain designs, we used this opportunity to bring a bit of personality and whimsy to each sign. Then we designed a themed badge that could be data-merged with attendee data to create personalized, beautiful name cards for each person who attended.

As a bonus, we created a fun, large face-in-the-hole board with various community mascots (“wapuus”) for attendees to enjoy snapping pictures with.


We data-merged the badges to pull in attendees’ names, companies, twitter handles and Gravatar images.


A variety of the signs we created for the day-of experience.

Podiums for speakers were branded with the conference identity as well.

Cut-out board

A variety of face cut-out heights allowed for people of all sizes and abilities to pose for a picture. Ample space behind the board ensured those in wheelchairs could participate as well.