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Synesthesiac Album Art

We illustrated & designed this swirling technicolor album cover for a modern classical composer/musician. It’s sure to catch the discerning fan’s eye.

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The Wabash Volume II

An arts nonprofit asked us to design this compilation album of local music. We paired evocative images with bold typography for a great final piece.

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No Matter Where I Go

We made this open-sky album art for a storyteller/singer-songwriter. Perfect for a merch table and the catchy cover looks great on streaming platforms.

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This is the Winter

When Yearbook Committee needed album art for their second album, we designed this atmospheric piece channeling the band’s identity and musical mood.

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Sing Till You Die

For their debut album, we designed these musicians some folky illustrated album art with a retro vibe. It’s eclectic and colorful, just like the band.

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