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Tablet with colorful CSJCarondelet.org website displayed

CSJ Carondelet website

For this organization in transition, we built a website with clarity and engaging visuals. It beautifully uplifts the congregation and its vibrant facets.

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Adorers brand extension

As part of our comprehensive website project with this community of Sisters, we expanded their brand with fresh, usable colors & typefaces.

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Logo and brand colors for the Loretto Community

Loretto Community identity

This religious community had a dated, inconsistent look. We made them a whole new identity that’s organic, inviting, colorful, and super usable.

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Swag for WordCamp US Attendees

We designed some cool merch for attendees of this national WordPress conference, bringing color, fun and music-themed design to the swag gifts.

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Sisters of Providence website

We helped this congregation completely re-think and re-organize their sprawling website. Then, we built them a fresh, vibrant new look. The result is a welcoming, enjoyable, and inspiring online home.

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Book cover design for New Lights from Old Truths, by Sister Maureen Abbott

New Lights from Old Truths

For this history book, we combined engaging images from the past with bold, fresh design elements to create something readers will want to pick up and buy.

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WordCamp US 2017 Day-of Materials

For this large-scale, national conference, we extended our branding work into welcoming, helpful signage and beautiful personalized attendee badges.

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WCUS Nashville Bandanas, Shirts & Stickers

Boots, banjos & bandanas for WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville! Classy line art brings the spirit of the location to this WordPress conference swag.

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WordCamp Nashville Identity & Materials

For this community-run tech conference, we provided a colorful, recognizable identity, and applied it to perfectly branded promo, swag, and event materials.

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Sisters of Providence Map

For a congregation of nuns who have lots of visitors to their campus, we drew these custom maps to be clear, welcoming and super-usable.

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Bosom Buddies Cincinnati

We designed an identity and promotional materials for this community group of men supporting their spouses or partners through any type of cancer.

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Pink Ribbon Girls Holiday Card

For this non-profit organization supporting women with breast and reproductive cancers, we designed a thoughtful, inclusive, seasonal greeting card.

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CANDLES Trip Brochure

This brochure for a museum-sponsored trip abroad with a Holocaust survivor is clear, professional, and inspires trust in the organization.

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Flat & Fabulous Identity

For this non-profit breast cancer community, we created a logo that could strengthen the group and unite its members across the web.

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Th’ Poetry Asylum Logo and Flyer

We made a playful, zine-like logo set and flyer for this community organization of poets and writers. It’s edgy, eye-catching and super usable.

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Journals & Letters

This ebook cover pays respect to both its subject and the iconic print version of decades past. The result is engaging and legible at small sizes for maximum impact on online retailers.

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Museum exhibit for CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Choices: The Holocaust Through Eva’s Story

We were honored to design this exhibit of a Holocaust survivor’s story. With color, image, and type we created a professional, educational museum space.

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The Wabash Volume II

An arts nonprofit asked us to design this compilation album of local music. We paired evocative images with bold typography for a great final piece.

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Logo for the Soup Bowl Benefit

Soup Bowl Benefit

Catholic Charities needed a nice logo for their annual fundraiser. We designed a logo mark that is witty, legible and appealing, no matter the medium.

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A Visit with Mary Todd Lincoln

The local genealogy society needed a program for a fundraising event. We made an old-timey piece that could be printed inexpensively but still look great.

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Return to Auschwitz

This DVD cover art utilizes screenshots from the film and solemn design to match the inspirational story. It looks professional and ready for distribution.

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