“Rethinking Analytics: Responsibly & Ethically Gathering Useful Data”

Links & resources from our workshop presentation at Communicators for Women Religious Conference, October 2021

Written on October 6, 2021 by Christina Blust

Alternative analytics methods and mindsets

Analytics tools that don’t use cookies

  • Plausible Analytics: usable on any site or content management system, has small monthly charge
  • Simple Analytics: usable on any site or content management system, has small monthly charge
  • Koko Analytics: free plugin for WordPress sites
  • Jetpack: Comprehensive WordPress plugin that includes statistics. (There are paid plans, but the free plan is all you’d need to get stats.)

Search engine data

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Respecting privacy

“Oh no, the companies don’t know anything about me, how will they provide me with the relevant ads I truly need?” – Said. Nobody. Ever.

Simple Analytics (@SimpleAnalytic) on Twitter

Reducing ecological impact

“The most substantial pollution from Google Analytics comes from the processing and analysis of the data.”

Gerry McGovern (@gerrymcgovern) on Twitter

Making analytics more useful

“Ask every web metric you report the question “so what” three times. … This brutal recommendation is to force you to confront this reality: If you can’t take action, some action (any action!), based on your analysis, why are you reporting data?”

Avinash Kaushik

Thinking outside the box

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