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The sun rising behind a chapel in Assisi

Franciscan Federation website

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This member organization needed a sturdy, beautiful online tool to share information and encourage community resources & networking.

A teenager riding a mountain bike at a race

NKY Roots website

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We built a bright & welcoming website for this mountain bike team to promote themselves in their community and invite kids to join.

A woman in a jean jacket, seen from behind holding a print publication with words and colorful images inside.

Put that content online, too

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When you write great content for print publications, e-newsletters, & social media, don’t let it quickly disappear, never to be seen again.

Many identical boxes organized neatly on shelving.

Don’t get caught without a website backup

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Few things are scarier than when something goes awry on your website. Avoid the stress with regular, automatic website backups.

Close-up of a woman's hands drawing a website wireframe on a piece of paper.

4 tips to make links more accessible

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Finesse and optimize your hyperlinks to keep your website visitors from feeling lost and confused. Clear, appealing links help everyone.

Save paper & keep visitors happy with print-friendly websites

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Setting your website up to print nicely helps reduce ecological waste, save your visitors money, and give people a positive take-away from your site.

Websites, hosting and domains: a simple (illustrated) guide

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Here’s a “tiny house” story time to explain these three foundational pieces of a website.

Create a home base for all of your work with a website

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How Susan Snodgrass’s website serves as a central hub for her work, consolidating many writings published in various places.

Jimmy Rinehart identity & website

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Vintage guitars and classic vinyl records inspired this identity & website for a hard-working musician to keep fans and venues informed and happy.

Don’t be humble! Use testimonials as social proof

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People make decisions based on what other people are saying. Collecting and sharing great testimonials lets others do all the bragging about you.