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Blustery Day Design has worked with non-profits, small businesses, creative people, musicians, and writers. We bring our expertise and clarity to projects like:

  • Web design, content strategy & web development
  • Website content audits & redesigns
  • Logos, identities & branding
  • Brand extensions for web
  • Print design

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From printed books to websites to album art to business cards, we're here to help you plan your project and keep everything organized, beautiful, and functional.

“Sometimes work projects can be overwhelming and difficult. You can trust that Blustery Day Design will make your life easier, and that Christina and Jess will treat your project with the same skill, thoughtfulness and respect they’d give their own.”

Cheryl Wittenauer
Communications Director, Adorers.org

“It was a great experience having Blustery Day Design build my website. They were focused on my specific needs as a working musician.”

Jimmy Rinehart
Guitarist, instructor and singer-songwriter

“Blustery Day Design put together our museum exhibit in an attractive and thought-provoking manner. They used the available material with skill and attention to detail.”

Eva Mozes Kor
Holocaust survivor and Founding Director, CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Who we are

Blustery Day Design is a women-owned graphic design & web development studio consisting of sisters Christina Blust & Jessica Yaeger.

We believe that nobody should be stuck with ineffective, embarrassing, or unprofessional design. We are proud to uplift our clients as the best, most authentic, and most effective versions of themselves.

Since 2008, we take what may feel messy or complicated and corral it into manageable, doable action plans and solutions. Learn more about us.

The work you do matters, and it’s in safe hands with us.

Some of the great folks we’ve worked with

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Wabash Valley Art Spaces
CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center
The City of Silver Grove, Kentucky
WordCamp U.S.
Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
Xavier University Alternative Breaks
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Pink Ribbon Girls
Franciscan Federation
th' poetry asylum
Adorers of the Blood of Christ, United States Region
Gray Bird
Sister Wimsy Glass Designs
Heather Hollick
Loretto Community
NKy Roots

Start making it happen

Look your best

With high-quality, thoughtfully-designed websites & print pieces, you’ll always make a good impression. Represent yourself authentically, stand above the crowd, and earn the respect you deserve.

Feel proud

Put yourself out there with confidence. When your outward presentation matches your awesomeness, it will be easy to wake up each day feeling inspired and impactful.

Breathe easily

Feel the relief that comes from working with Blustery Day Design. Avoid the stress of figuring out what to do next or how to do it, and know that your important work is in safe hands with us.

Get down to business

Your day-to-day doesn’t have to be messy and complicated. We’ll create for you a strategic, functional tool that you’ll actually know how to use, and educate and empower you every step of the way.

Elevate your work

When you effectively communicate who you are and what you do, the sky is the limit. You’ll reach more people, spread your message, and accomplish more than you thought possible.

Be ready for anything

Featured on the news? World events affecting your industry? With usable tools and an outward presentation you’re proud of, you’ll feel prepared for any planned (and unplanned) growth and opportunities.

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