Post-Launch Website Support

Ongoing support work with Blustery Day Design

For every website, it’s important to keep up with maintenance tasks to keep your site healthy and secure. If you’d like, continue a working relationship with Blustery Day Design after we’ve launched your website. As desired, we can assist with maintenance, consulting, and making changes or updates to your website. 

Our approach

Some folks find that our customizable yearly Care Plan Bundles are just what they’re looking for. And our As-Needed Options are also available in addition to, or instead of, a Care Plan Bundle.

(Please note: Blustery Day Design only offers maintenance & support for sites we originally completed a website project for. We do not offer support to sites that we did not build.)

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Monthly support hours block

This includes a set number of bundled hours to use for Blustery Day Design website support each month. (These are discounted from our as-needed rate and do not roll over.) This is good for those who plan to request our assistance regularly.

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Regularly planned consulting

Some folks find it helpful to include consistently-scheduled meetings in their Care Plan Bundle. These can be used to consult with us yearly, monthly, etc. to ask questions, talk strategy together, and share ideas on a regular basis.

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As-needed hours

Our à la carte hours can be used for Blustery Day Design support or consulting when the need arises. (These can be added on top of any regular support hours block if applicable.)

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New ideas

New project work for your site can be quoted at any time! For big ideas, additional features, or tricky challenges that emerge after launch, we can define a new website-enhancing project with its own scope, cost and contract.

External costs & services

Rather than hiding or up-charging the services that power your website, or being vague about costs involved, we believe in giving you full transparency.

Depending on your site’s needs, during. the website project we’ll choose tools and services we know will work well for you. After site-launch, some website services and tools will have no cost or may be covered by your yearly Care Plan.

Other possible tools would require regular payments to continue functioning properly. These costs would continue (yearly or monthly) for the life of the website and are paid directly to the service providers.

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Domain registrar

This covers domain name(s) and DNS settings for your website. We’ll set up everything your site needs for you at launch — your yearly cost just keeps the domain active and your site accessible to the public.

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With our preferred managed WordPress hosting provider, your yearly website plan includes up-to-date hosting, SSL, and Daily Site Backups. You’ll have direct access to all billing and hosting support information.

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Plugin updates

If you’d rather not update WordPress and site plugins yourself, we’ll help you decide the best approach for your website maintenance. We’ll keep the site up to date, or we’ll help you set up managed updates through your site’s host for a reasonable yearly cost.

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External tools

This could be helpful plugins, tools, or services used on your website that you manage & pay for directly. At the end of the project, we’ll make sure you know what’s your ongoing responsibility.

Flexible & friendly

We know it can be difficult to decide what makes sense for your long-term website needs. If you need help thinking through what might work best for you after your site launches, just ask. Every Blustery Day Design website project sets you up for success, from launch day and beyond.

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Built for you

At the end of your website project, we’ll set up a personal Client Dashboard for you to easily reach out to Jessica and Christina with any questions and support requests, should you need us.

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After site launch, we’ll provide you a comprehensive handover document with all the important details about your site and its setup. It’ll be there to reference if you need it.

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We’d love to keep working with you — but we purposefully make sure you have the freedom to do what makes sense for you. You own all your content and will be able to carry on, with or without us.

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The websites we build are meant to be living things that have plenty of room to grow. If you have new ideas, circumstances change, or you need to implement long-term site plans over time, we’re here for you.

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