Blustery Day Design

Founded 2008

Blustery Day Design is a women-owned design & development studio consisting of sisters Jessica Yaeger and Christina Blust.

Since 2008, they have helped nonprofits, businesses, community groups, artists, musicians and writers present themselves authentically and effectively. Based in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Blustery Day Design works with clients all across the country on website projects, graphic design commissions, and speaking & presenting engagements.

Skilled & experienced

Together, Jessica & Christina make a uniquely powerful team. In their work with clients, they take on multi-faceted roles

graphic designers, web developers, content strategists, website architects, figure-outers, project managers, communicators & educators.

Jessica Yaeger and Christina Blust, founders of Blustery Day Design, seated on a sofa in front of a window.
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Guiding principles

We bring our people-focused, ethical, and justice-minded principles to every project we’re a part of. As a company, we prioritize accessibility, inclusion, ecological impact, empowerment, and more.

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Community ties

We’re proud to be part of the Greater Cincinnati area, where we grew up and where we’re raising our families.

Helping good people do good things

Blustery Day Design works to ensure that the organizations and people they work with gain a professional outward reflection of their heart and soul. They’ve helped hundreds of clients gain clarity of mission, confidence in the visual ways they present themselves, and the relief of knowing that the work that means so much to them is in safe hands.

“Hands down, Blustery Day Design is the best team with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work. Jessica and Christina are amazing! They are brilliant, creative and thorough, and ask the best questions to really understand the scope and purpose of what we need, while always being mindful of the best fit for our users and our budget. They are creative problem solvers extraordinaire, and it’s simply a joy to work with them.”

Rebecca H.
Webmaestra, Loretto Community

More about us

We are makers & crafters, genealogists, dedicated readers, and life-long learners — and we each bring our individual interests and life experience to our work as well.   

Jessica is laughing, seated at a window counter next to her coffee cup


Jessica has degrees in Computer Information Systems and Graphic Design from Thomas More University in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. She previously worked for an S&P 500 company for 15 years. In her career there, she was a desktop software and web developer covering the full application lifecycle, as well as a project manager in support of multi-million dollar business initiatives. Jessica has led global, multicultural teams and excels at facilitating communications between different teams and project stakeholders. She specializes in efficient processes, data organization, and user-focused, well-designed interfaces.

Jessica is involved in local community campaigns and initiatives, including sharing her skills with community groups & youth programs. She is also a writer, focusing on topics including empathy, grief, and compassionate responses to injustice. An avid hobby photographer, genealogist, sewist, and gardener, she lives with her husband and three sons in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.


Christina graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a degree in Graphic Design with minors in Peace Studies and Spanish. After college, she completed an AmeriCorps volunteer year at an eco-justice center/alpaca farm. Christina then spent a decade in the non-profit sector doing graphic design, photography, writing, and web development. A supporter of open knowledge and open source communities, she is an active contributor to Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia projects. Christina has also been involved in the WordPress community as a WordCamp organizer, notably as design lead for WordCamp US 2017 & 2018.

Christina is also a singer-songwriter & musician who performs with various musical projects. With her indie folk band, she played at festivals such as South by Southwest and MidPoint Music Festival. A knitter, sewist, mender and tea enthusiast, she lives with her husband and daughter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Christina seated on a couch in front of some nice green plants and a big window
Three young girls smiling next to a lovely yellow sunflower towering over them in their childhood backyard.

Living sincerely with deep roots

We started as the Blust girls: Jessica, Vanessa, and Christina, three sisters who loved to make things. Much of our childhood in northern Kentucky was spent coloring, reading, playing with desktop publishing software, teaching ourselves crafts, and dreaming of working together someday. We each took turns as yearbook editor at our high school, and then we went off to our various colleges to study and grow. In March 2008, with the formation of Blust Design Group, LLC, the three of us together made the family graphic design company official.

The early years of Blustery Day Design coincided with the cancer journey of middle sister Vanessa, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 at the age of 25. After seven hard years of treatment, remission, recurrence, and eventual metastasis, Vanessa Blust Tiemeier died in February 2014.

We miss Vanessa fiercely. We carry her strength, creativity, love, and defiant spirit with us in every part of our lives and in the business we built together. 💗