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About us

Blustery Day Design, est. 2008

We are Jessica Yaeger and Christina Blust: a team of designers & developers, paper-lovers, color fanatics, figure-outers and font junkies who live to create (and happen to be sisters). Everything we design comes from the heart.

The women of Blustery Day Design have been called passionate, professional and kind, and that all sounds about right to us. We love to think, read, learn and make things, especially in order to help people make their dreams a reality.

Design with purpose

Blustery Day Design started in northern Kentucky in 2008. We believe that connections with others, in times of both struggle and celebration, are what really matter. We are passionate about life, and using our talents to help people’s lives grow more full, of joy and success. We are really good at both making things beautiful and also making things functional. (You could say that our left brains and rights brains are friends!) Through Blustery Day Design we put our design and development skills together, in a well-rounded, thoughtful way, to create a completed project that is uniquely right for each client’s needs.

Taking what feels messy and complicated, and corralling it with simple, functional, creative, beautiful solutions… it’s just what we do. And making really big ideas a reality for you… well, that’s why we do it.


Jessica Yaeger

Ft. Thomas, KY

Christina Blust

Nashville, TN

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