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From professional websites to appealing album art to effective promo pieces, we can help you look your best. We bring strategy and expertise to every project to uplift you — and the masterpieces you create. Represent yourself authentically, stand above the crowd, and earn the respect you deserve.

Streetlights and buildings on a Chicago street, seen from high up

Susan Snodgrass

This Chicago-based art critic and editor needed a central, professional online home to share her writing, promote her books, and offer a comprehensive catalog of work.
Tracy with her guitar in a cornfield at golden hour.

Tracy Richardson

This award-winning singer-songwriter needed top-notch professional album art for her latest release. We paired photos with thoughtful typography for a perfect presentation.
Man at a microphone playing an electric guitar.

Jimmy Rinehart

Vintage guitars and classic vinyl records inspired this identity & website for a hard-working musician to keep fans and venues informed and happy.
Various people sitting at tables at a coffee shop, listening to someone reading a poem at the podium.

th’ poetry asylum

We made a playful, zine-like logo set and flyer for this community organization of poets and writers. It's edgy, eye-catching and super usable.
The Wabash Eco-Wallet, featuring a colorful photo of the river and a tree, with the disc peeping out. The cover says "The Wabash Volume II"

“The Wabash, Volume II”

An arts nonprofit asked us to design this compilation album of local music. We paired evocative images with bold typography for a great final piece.

Some of the great artists & musicians we’ve worked with

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Jimmy Rinehart
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th' poetry asylum
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