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How do you measure a year?

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A whole year can really fly by! Time keeps passing and it’s easy to forget all the details, successes, and themes…

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What we’re reading: Our 2021 book recommendations

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This year, between the two of us, we read some great non-fiction (“work”-related and non) that we thought we’d share with you.

Create a home base for all of your work with a website

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How Susan Snodgrass’s website serves as a central hub for her work, consolidating many writings published in various places.

Make an impression and be remembered with business cards

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How Nashville musician Jimmy Rinehart makes connections with people in the industry, gets people to his website, and proves he’s worth remembering.

Keep it together! “Asset management” for creators

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Musician, writer, maker, or artist? Here’s how to organize & store all of your digital files, images, bits of copy, and links (so you can find them when you need them).

File formats: What to do with all your logo files

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If you’ve got a bunch of brand identity files and don’t know what’s what, this handy reference can help. From vector to raster, EPS to JPEG, we’ve got you.