"Facing anger, facing fears"

About the exhibit

CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center is a dynamic educational organization founded by Holocaust survivor Eva Kor. It exists to educate a wide demographic of folks about the Holocaust, modern-day issues, and the idea of forgiveness. The patrons of the museum include school children through older adults.

Project to-do list

  • Design a complete refresh of their primary exhibit space
  • Tell the story of their founder in a comprehensive way
  • Demonstrate the theme of “choices” made by many (and the impact that had on so many, in this tragic chapter of history)
  • Convey the information in an accessible way that accommodates a wide range of ages, heights and education levels
  • Utilize CANDLES’ specific brand color blue as well as other vibrant colors, conveying the hope of Eva even after the struggles she faced
  • Since the exhibit will remain installed as the permanent exhibit of the museum, account for installation longevity
  • At the same time, design an exhibit that gives the museum the flexibility to swap out some pieces of information as needed, keeping the exhibit current and fresh
"Every day we make choices"

Project milestone

Content strategy

We were honored to design this exhibit space, to help tell such an important and moving message.

CANDLES Museum provided a multi-part Word doc outline of the exhibit, plus a wealth of reference documents, photos, and information from their archives and from other sources. We helped the staff sort through the copious pieces, clarifying and mocking up each portion of the exhibit. At every step of the way, we focused on organizing and presenting the content in a clear, accessible way.

Project milestone

Dynamic exhibit design

Our complete exhibit design incorporated layered panels to present a lot of information in a dynamic way. Finished pieces were in a range of formats to take advantage of the available space, including foam core boards, photographic prints displayed in frames, and large scale vinyl pieces installed directly on the wall surface.

"Inside Mengele's lab"
Informational panel about Kristallnacht

Spotlight on

Movable walls

CANDLES had the clever idea to commission low walls on casters in the space, and our design took into account these walls folding up into the permanent walls, to provide the museum the ability to roll back the movable walls and use the space as a meeting room in off hours.

Project milestone

Hierarchy of information

We chose the exhibit’s typeface and font styles to be extremely readable from a range of distances. Our designs included text of varying size, to highlight important facts on a first glance, as well as present the full copy in a way that invited further reading and consideration.

The color palette we put together included a wide range of colors, as CANDLES requested, which we selected carefully with respect to different themes throughout the content as well as the overall flow walking through the exhibit.

"Step by step dehumanization" leading to Auschwitz
"The choice to rebuild" - information about Eva rebuilding the museum after it was bombed and burned.

Project Results

Impactful & educational

The final installed exhibit gives the museum a professional way to present Eva’s story, and continue their outreach and educational goals.

“From the outset, the team at Blustery Day Design understood the mission of our museum and was thus able to provide expert guidance through the exhibit design and fabrication process from start to finish. The result is a professional, impactful exhibit that connects with our visitors.”

Dorothy Chambers
Former program director, CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“Christina at Blustery Day Design put together our museum exhibit in an attractive and thought-provoking manner. She used the available material with skill and attention to detail.”

Eva Mozes-Kor
Holocaust survivor and Founding Director, CANDLES Holocaust Museum

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