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About the organization

The Felician Sisters of North America (FSNA) are a congregation of sisters with locations in the United States, Canada, and Haiti. Ministering in health care, education and social services, FSNA has founded, sponsor, co-sponsor or support more than 40 ministries across the continent.

Project to-do list

  • Overhaul their congregation website to reflect the vibrant reality of the community and its ministries in a useful, friendly way
  • Strategize a home on the web to serve as a central hub, clarifying and uplifting their organization
  • Expand on existing branding to design a visual brand for the websites that the sisters and broader community can feel proud of and represented by
  • Set FSNA up with a non-proprietary CMS (content management system) that will allow for more versatile and beautiful pages and posts
  • Ensure that the marketing staff will be able to update the site themselves and manage its content easily
  • Set them up with an easy-to-update events calendar that they can manage themselves
items being organized by priority

Project milestone

Content strategy & site architecture

After clarifying our website needs and goals together, we worked with FSNA’s project team to create a comprehensive working list of content on the new site. We strategized the perfect site architecture to hold it all. Notably, we grouped items in hierarchical structures that are understandable for external audiences. Then we defined clear categories and tags for post content, so that posts could appear dynamically throughout the site when relevant. This content strategy work set the stage for a clear, super-usable site.

Project milestone

Brand extension

The Felician Sisters already had a logo and brand guidelines detailing their identity. We started from their strong foundations and did a full brand extension. First, we expanded their joyful, vibrant color palette to include the tints and shades needed for our site design. At every step, we made sure to allow for accessible color contrast ratios. Then we chose two web-appropriate typefaces — one heading font that matched their existing brand guidelines, and one body copy that complemented their identity and ensured full legibility.

Screenshot of Justice & Peace page
The color palette brings bright joy without overwhelming the page content. And the typefaces perfectly complement the brand — while staying easy to read.
Screenshot of FSNA's full homepage from top to bottom
We carried the color palette and bold design elements throughout the site. In particular, foundational pages like this one engage the visitor.

Project milestone

Site design & development

From the ground up, we built a brand new, full-featured website. We developed pages, posts, events and archives in a modern, accessible design. In particular, we followed the content strategy foundations to choose colors and design elements that are joyful, welcoming, and active.

From full-width thoughtfully designed foundational pages to beautiful-by-default stories, everything looks great on all device widths. And clear main navigation, sectional menus, and breadcrumbs ensure that the visitor never feels lost.

Dynamic story feeds are scattered throughout the site, uplifting the Sisters’ fantastic written content and photographs. Additionally, the website team can easily embed YouTube videos, contact forms, and donation capabilities wherever needed.

Above all, the end result is a vibrant website that communicates the Felician Sisters’ message effectively and authentically — and that inspires others to join in.

Spotlight on

Searchable & sortable ministries list

To help communicate the Felician Sisters’ ministry information, we built a full-featured ministries table. Site visitors can explore ministries by location, name, or category. In addition, a button-style link to each ministry’s online presence allows quick access to associated websites. 

screenshot of page with ministries list
The fully responsive ministries table can be filtered, sorted, and searched.
Screenshot of calendar showing map view
The “Map” view of the events calendar shows events by their physical location.

Spotlight on

Event calendar

FSNA has a variety of events to showcase and promote. We built them a full-featured event calendar, including list view, month view, and map view. Additionally, each individual event gets its own event details page & url, making it super-easy to link to from enewsletters and social media. And we set up the calendar structure and schema to be fully optimized for search engines, including in Google’s “events near me” style of search results.

“Jessica and Christina have a wealth of experience, and after working with them a short time, I found them very easy to trust. They are thorough, thoughtful, extremely organized and fun too! We now have a beautiful, engaging website that automatically populates new information we add in multiple places, updating the website with very little effort. And we have a company that we can continue to go to for answers or help if we need it.”

Caroline Martien
Manager of Donor Relations, Felician Sisters of North America

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