A teenager on a bike racing through a crowd during a mountain bike event

Top photo credit: Jessica Yaeger.

About the organization

NKY Roots are a co-ed composite mountain bike team consisting of students grades 6-12 from the Northern Kentucky area. The team practices weekly and attends several races with accompanying team camping trips, providing enriching experiences and friendships for local kids and their families. Because NKY Roots don’t represent any specific school and all kids are welcome, they knew that only having a presence on social media wasn’t enough. The team needed a website to reach a broad audience of potential athletes.

Project to-do list

  • Strategize a home on the web for their mountain bike team, beyond only social media presence
  • Create a professional, trustworthy website to educate parents and encourage participation
  • Inspire student athletes to take up mountain biking and join the team
Person in a hoodie holding a laptop showing the Mountain Biking page of the site.
Informational content is vibrant and readable.

Project results

Welcoming and clear

NKY Roots have a motto: “No tryouts. No cuts. No benches. Everybody rides.” It was important that the new website fully show what the experience would be like for the kids involved.

Project milestone

Site design & development

We started from their logo and picked a bright, youthful palette to pair with dynamic action shots of the riders. With clear information and welcoming copy, the new website helps potential athletes (and their parents) know what the sport of mountain biking is like.

Finally, we added an easy-to-access contact form, giving parents a way to take action and reach out with questions or to join the team. Form submissions go right to the coaches so they can share further information.

Screenshot of NKY Roots home page
Fun shapes and vibrant colors represent this energetic team well (and match their team jerseys, too).

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