A green Terre Fleur Bakery sticker on a fresh baked sourdough bread package.

Flower and bread photos credit: Candace Minster.

About Terre Fleur

Candace Minster is a flower farmer/florist, fiber artist, baker & educator. She grows flowers, creates flower arrangements, and bakes bread for sale in her community. It is important to Candace to share good things with the world in ways that are giving, nourishing, joyous, & beautiful. She needed a professional, recognizable visual identity that would tie these ventures together and catch the eye of potential customers.

Colorful fresh flowers wrapped in kraft paper

Project to-do list

  • Design a consistent, recognizable visual look for their product packaging & social media presence
  • Visually tie together Terre Fleur’s various ventures under a combined, adaptable brand identity system
  • Capture the fresh, colorful, organic feel of the business and encourage customers to engage with her products
  • Design logo-based labels for a variety of uses
  • Create a versatile packaging label design system that can be adapted for various items
A green Terre Fleur Bakery sticker on a fresh baked sourdough bread package.
The Terre Fleur logo features a hand-drawn branch with leaves and berries, paired with approachable & legible type.
The logo can be used on its own, or it can incorporate additional text (such as “Bakery”) when appropriate.

Project milestone

A fresh, colorful identity

We started with a collaborative content strategy session thinking through the Terre Fleur professionial goals and audience. Then we took what we learned to the drawing board.

We chose a warm, handwritten typeface for the primary text. Then we paired it with an approachable sans-serif with a little bit of personality. Together, the logo mark’s text exudes the perfect combination of hand-crafted and professional.

Then we drew a colorful branch with leaves and berries, pulling from colors found in actual Terre Fleur flower bouquets. The bright, earthy color palette can be adapted and swapped out for the various different ventures if needed.

Project milestone

Adaptable packaging design

Terre Fleur needed some packaging labels that could clearly identify their baked goods without overpowering the bread itself. We started with multi-purpose logo stickers that can be placed on any item.

We then designed some right-sized informational labels that clearly say what’s what and that include all the needed nutritional & allergen text. These stickers can be affixed to kraft bags with clear windows that show off the beautiful bread crust of each loaf.

The labels also feature a writable area for bread weight and packed-on date, allowing Candace to keep up with fresh batches. The end result is eye-catching and super-usable.

Sourdough in kraft bags with packaging labels affixed.
Label for Sourdough Country Loaf bread.
Label includes spot to handwrite weight and packed-on date.

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