Name badges for WordCamp US 2017, lined up in rows on a table for attendees.

About the event

WordCamp is the official organization that helps members of the WordPress community host low-cost conferences across the world, hoping to democratize publishing and give back to people of all backgrounds who work with WordPress. Their primary national/regional conference for North and South America is WordCamp U.S. The 2017 conference was held at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Attendees mill about near a sign that says "Happiness Lounge"

Project to-do list

  • Design a cohesive, recognizable visual look for the continet-wide event
  • Design an inviting website experience for interested event attendees
  • Design pre-event promotional and advertising materials
  • Set the vibe and give attendees needed information with clear wayfinding signage
  • Design colorful name badges, then process and mail-merge all event attendee data into the design and output for print
  • Brainstorm & design fun attendee swag, including a t-shirt, sticker sheet, and custom gift
The WordCamp US logo and color palette with robin's egg blue, white, taupe, berry and charcoal.

Project milestone

A visual identity based on the music

For a big, continent-wide event like WordCamp U.S. it’s important to make sure everything put out about the conference (both pre-event and day-of) presents a cohesive, unified, recognizable look.

We started by creating a quintessential United States identity, featuring a route road sign-style logo. Its thin lines and legible identity is clear at a glance, and can be used in a black or white version. We also created a Music City color palette to carry through all of the needed items.

Project milestone

Name badges

Many WordCamp attendees hang on to their attendee badges & lanyards as souvenirs of the event, so we knew they had to look great. Blustery Day Design created a themed badge that we could data-merge with attendee data to create personalized, beautiful name badges for each person who attended.

Name badges for WordCamp US 2017, lined up in rows on a table for attendees.
We data-merged the badges to pull in attendees’ names, companies, twitter handles and Gravatar images.

Project milestone

Day-of signage

We then extended the branding to signage. Instead of doing cookie cutter, plain designs, we used this opportunity to bring a bit of personality and whimsy to each sign.

Spotlight on

Cut-out board for photos

As a bonus, we created a fun, large face-in-the-hole board with various community mascots (“wapuus”) for attendees to enjoy snapping pictures with. A variety of face cut-out heights allowed for people of all sizes and abilities to pose for a picture. Ample space behind the board ensured those in wheelchairs could participate as well.

Colorful printed board with face-sized cutouts for photo taking.
Crisp line art really pops on the heather attendee t-shirts.

Project milestone

Attendee t-shirts

Christina worked with the rest of the WCUS organizer team to choose classic, wearable t-shirt colors, and then we designed a neat line-based artwork for the screen-print. Expanding on the logo identity we had designed, we incorporated classic local motifs and landmarks to create a look that was uniquely Nashville.

Project milestone


Then we expanded the t-shirt illustration to create a red bandana as the custom gift for all attendees, incorporating even more Nashville-themed art and combining it with the WordPress imagery to create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable piece of swag.

At first glance just a classic red bandana, the design reveals itself upon closer inspection to feature guitars, boots, banjos, the Tennessee seal, the WordPress logo, the cornflower and the Parthenon: all Nashville badges of honor.

Sticker sheets incorporated a mini-bandana artwork as well as the Wapuu we drew, the conference logo we designed, and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to hot chicken.

Project milestone

Sticker sheets

Pieces of all our designs were then integrated into the sticker sheet, featuring a lady rocker Wapuu (drawn by Christina), a mini-bandana sticker, and other purely Nashville artworks. Sticker sheet designs were repurposed and enlarged as afterparty photo booth props too!

Project Results

Clear & fun

The end result of all our design work was a conference where no one felt lost and everyone went home happy with their swag.

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