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How Susan Snodgrass's website serves as a central hub for her work, consolidating many writings published in various places.

Written on March 2, 2020 by Jessica Yaeger

Photo credit: Nathan Keay.

Susan Snodgrass is a cultural writer, critic, and editor who is interested in contemporary art, architecture and urbanism outside the mainstream. Based in Chicago, she writes for several different print and web publications. After several teaching and professional affiliations, her career and life journey had led her to focus on her independent professional identity.

The opportunity:
Consolidate content and let it shine

To support her career refocus, Susan was in need of a new website to give more visibility to her writing, editorial projects, and editing services. She writes new pieces frequently, but they aren’t all on our own site; Susan has a lot of past writings that have been published in various other art journals and online publications. While this brings her work to the attention of diverse audiences, it doesn’t allow her to feature all her work in a single place.

Thus, Susan needed to consolidate her various works and words into a central location. This would allow her to highlight her talents and expertise, and serve as a one-stop-shop for her readers to find her work, no matter where it may have been published.

The tool:
A central hub website

On Susan’s new website, we consolidated and corralled her writing into a website “hub” where the visitor can peruse her various articles and posts from a central, visual list. In our design for her site, we also built prominent spots to feature Susan’s most recent or prestigious work.

With her new website from Blustery Day Design, Susan can provide her visitors with easy access to the works she has produced. Now she is all set to increase the visibility of her writing and interest in the services she offers.

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