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Get that picture in the Wiki-verse

Have you taken a photo that would be great for Wikipedia? Here's how to give your image to the Internet.

I’ve been a Wikipedia editor for a decade now, wow! Along the way I have had plenty of time to think about different aspects of the Wikipedia world. One big takeaway is generosity. By taking a picture I took and “giving it to the Internet” via the Wikimedia eco-system, I can share with and educate someone halfway across the world.

1. Find a photo you own

This usually means you took it or are absolutely sure you (yes, you) have the legal rights to it.

Good photos for Wikipedia are unique, clear & useful.

  • The awesome speaker from the conference you just went to
  • The historic building you drive by every day on the way to work
  • The rare plant that can only be found on that hill by your house

2. Go to Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is where all the images and other media for the various Wikipedia-related projects live. Use the links at the top right to log in or create a new user.

3. Upload & license your image

In the Commons left-hand menu, click “Upload file” to get to the Upload Wizard, which will walk you through some easy steps to get your photo online!

  • Be sure to give a clear filename, like “Awesome Person headshot,” and a helpful, full description.
  • After that, clarify who took the picture and pick a good license for re-use. (For more about Creative Commons license, visit creativecommons.org.
  • Then give it some categories to help it fit in, like “Writers from Zimbabwe” or “Parks in Tennessee.”

4. Bask in your glory!

Because of your generosity, you just made the Internet a better, friendlier, and more educational place. Way to go, you!

Get that picture in the Wiki-verse! Have you taken a photo that would be useful for Wikipedia? Here's how to give it to the Internet.


Top photo by fauxels from Pexels

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