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Jimmy Rinehart Identity & Website

Vintage guitars and classic vinyl records inspired this identity & website for a hard-working musician to keep fans and venues informed and happy.

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A clipboard with logo and color palette information for Ravel, showing some typical brand identity takeaways.

Ravel Studio Pilates

For a business moving from a side-hustle to a full-time-gig, we designed a complete brand system and a modern, professional website that will enable Katherine to grow her Pilates business to new heights.

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Book cover design for New Lights from Old Truths, by Sister Maureen Abbott

New Lights from Old Truths

For this history book, we combined engaging images from the past with bold, fresh design elements to create something readers will want to pick up and buy.

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WordCamp Nashville Identity & Materials

For this community-run tech conference, we provided a colorful, recognizable identity, and applied it to perfectly branded promo, swag, and event materials.

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Bosom Buddies Cincinnati

We designed an identity and promotional materials for this community group of men supporting their spouses or partners through any type of cancer.

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Live Sincerely T-Shirts

These shirts spread a message without feeling too branded. Multiple color and style options mean that everyone can get a shirt that they’ll love to wear.

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East of Memphis Website

Working musician Jimmy needed an online presence for his musical project. We created a sleek visual identity and website so he can get gigs and share music.

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Journals & Letters

This ebook cover pays respect to both its subject and the iconic print version of decades past. The result is engaging and legible at small sizes for maximum impact on online retailers.

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No Matter Where I Go

We made this open-sky album art for a storyteller/singer-songwriter. Perfect for a merch table and the catchy cover looks great on streaming platforms.

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Yearbook Committee Website

This website for a folk band allows for blog posts, events, and sharing music. It looks great on any device, so fans can check out the latest from anywhere.

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