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Stay fresh: Making sure your social media shares look up-to-date

Is Facebook or LinkedIn pulling in old info from your website? Here's how to clear their caches and fix this issue.

Has this ever happened to you? You update an existing page on your website (great job!) and then go to share the new content on social media. But the social media preview’s picture and words are still the old stuff. 🙁

A client asked us about this recently after we launched their brand new site. We thought this information might be helpful for the rest of you, too!

You can clear the social media site’s cache

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For every URL on your site that’s been shared before, social media sites cache the info they pull in at that time, like the featured image, the title, and the excerpt text. (This means they keep their own records of your data at a point in time.) Then, the social media sites hang onto their own cached info for a while, pulling from their data instead of looking at your site anew.

But don’t worry! If needed, you can tell the social media sites to go grab the fresh data from your site. Here’s how:


Meta’s Debugger tool lets you enter a URL and see what data they have for that page. If it’s out of date, you can click “Scrape again” to flush its cache and pull in the most recent data. (You must be logged into Facebook to use this tool, but it can be any Facebook account and doesn’t need to be associated with your website in any way.)


Similarly, LinkedIn’s Post Inspector tool will let you enter a URL to inspect. If the preview is out of date, you can use this tool to refresh their data.

The refresh keeps you looking fresh

We know you all work hard on your website’s content to keep it up-to-date and relevant — this way all that effort can be reflected on social media, too.

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