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Put that content online, too

When you write great content for print publications, e-newsletters, & social media, don't let it quickly disappear, never to be seen again.

We’ve worked with a number of clients — both organizational and individual — who regularly write great content for print publications and/or e-newsletters.

But often, the usefulness of these articles ends there, only making it to those who receive your publications in this way. Even for those folks, it is pushed out of view by new mail, new emails, and new posts. Unless someone picks up an issue or opens an old newsletter, that content will never be seen again. Oh no!

Get those stories & writings on your website

If you are writing good, relevant content for other reasons, publish it on your website, too! For instance:

  • The personal essay about a recent event that you put in your most recent e-newsletter
  • The story about the impact your organization is having in the community that was first published in your printed, quarterly, glossy magazine
  • The long Facebook update about what your various locations are doing to be COVID-safe

All of these bits of content would also be excellent content for your website.

Make it web-native

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Our recommendation: Take that copy and images and make a web-native post with it all. This means you include the text in the body of a post, so that it will flow nicely on all device widths. And you place the associated images into that copy in a web-appropriate way.

Whenever possible, don’t just upload a PDF or put in a link to the newsletter edition. A properly formatted post on your website will be the most accessible and readable.

Reach a wider audience

When members of the public who don’t get your newsletter or follow you on Facebook need to learn about you, they look to your website. Having useful and interesting content there will pay untold dividends.

Remember that Google can’t read your print publication, or easily search and serve up your past e-newsletters. But your website text content is searchable, shareable, and readable by a wide & varied audience.

You’re already putting in the work to write this stuff! Use it to further elevate your message online.

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